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    Boost your fertility and
    conceive naturally with
    Beej Sanskara

    • 2-day Workshop • 24th June & 25th June
    • 7:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.

    Special Offer ₹2599 ₹299 only

    What will you learn in
    this workshop?

    Trends in Reproductive Health

    • Current issues and trends

    • Factors for reproductive health decline

    • Role of lifestyle and environment

    Fertility Solution by Beej Sanskar

    • Male infertility & Female lifestyle diseases

    • Introduction to Beej Sanskar

    • Impact on reproductive health & future generations

    Science of Beej Sanskar

    • Understanding scientific principles

    • Research findings on Beej Sanskar

    • Tradition and science balance

    Practicing Beej Sanskar

    • Steps to incorporate Beej Sanskar

    • Emphasizing patience and consistency

    • Overcoming Beej Sanskar challenges

    Beej Sanskar's Three Pillars

    • Role of diet (Ahar)

    • Yoga's influence on reproductive health

    • Detoxification and health enhancement (Sodhan)

    IVF/IUI Treatment Considerations

    • Understanding IVF/IUI treatments

    • Factors to consider when choosing treatments

    • Potential risks and benefits

    90-Day Vedic Routine BONUS

    • Outline of the routine

    • Benefits for future generations

    • Balancing routine with modern lifestyle

    Special Offer ₹2599 ₹299 only

    Beej Sanskar aids couples in conceiving with


    Low AMH

    Low Sperm Count

    Early Miscarriage

    Irregular Periods

    Advanced Age



    Unexplained Infertility

    Special Offer ₹2599 ₹299 only

    Meet Our Instructors

    Dr. Vani Nair

    Beej Sanskar Expert, Helped 10,000+ Mothers

    Ravi Teja Akondi

    IITian, Ayurvedic Researcher

    Pankhuree Shukla

    Fertility Yoga Expert
    10+ yrs experience

    Neha S Kumar

    Nutritionist Specialist
    10+ years of experience

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